Smadav Download Full Offline Installer

Smadav Download Full Offline Installer Review, There is 1 antivirus most people aren't using, and likely should. It is named SmadAV AntiVirus, also it isn't meant to be the heart security of your Windows PC, however a secondary to if all else fails.

I was introduced into SmadAV years back by my former internet design instructor. This was because of an illness that took hold of my notebook, an illness that came in the school's computers. It did not take long for many men from the course to fall prey to this disease.

Smadav Download Full Offline Installer 

Smadav Download Full Offline Installer

What is the title of this disease? Can not say, but I do understand it influenced a number of folders. These folders had significant work located indoors, so imagine the fury once we discovered that the folders had been unusable.

The very first order of the day was to attempt to repair the matter with our free antivirus applications, and guess what? Not one of these managed to find the task finished. This was once our instructor introduced us to SmadAV, and straight from this cube, this tiny thing started to work miracles.

Not only can it be great at killing and trapping any malware that is odd, but it's also helpful for scanning USB thumb drives. In reality, this may be thought of one of SmadAV's main points. It may be used for offline scans.

Once downloaded and installed, you need to develop something which resembles the picture above. The user interface is certainly not the greatest, and though it has seen a few changes through time, it's still not up to par with the very best free antivirus software, but it functions, and that is good enough for me.

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Download : For Windows XP | Vista Smadav
Download : For Windows 10 | 8.1 Smadav Installer

On the left-side, users must see 5 choices. From here people can get to where they should scan the entire system, to disable or allow the real time protection among other items.

The Guru tab indicates the distinction between the Pro variant of SmadAV along with the free edition. Look carefully and you will see the inability to optimize or resize the window. This can only be achieved if you buy the Pro version of this program.
Scanning rate:

SmadAV isn't a core antivirus software, therefore it should not take long for this to float through your documents. For all of us, it conducted through over 300,000 files fairly quickly, but might be a bit slower on older computers.
In addition, we enjoy the fact that not only does Smadav scan for malware and virus, but it also checks for poor or corrupt registry documents. Yes, this item will wash your registry in similar techniques to CCleaner or even UPCleaner, fairly amazing, right? We must also state that because this is the free edition, users must manually check for upgrade. We would not recommend the Pro version unless you are too lazy to upgrade the virus chest .

In general, Smadav is good enough for what it could do. Keep in mind it should not be utilized as a heart antivirus applications, but something which may work together with any antivirus program. Great to have a second opinion.

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