Download Smadav 2019 Offline Installer

Download Smadav 2019 Offline Installer Review, There's no one antivirus most folks aren't using, and likely should. It is named SmadAV AntiVirus, and it isn't designed to be the heart protection of your Windows PC, however a secondary to when all else fails.

I was introduced to SmadAV years ago by my former internet design teacher. This was because of an infection that took hold of my laptop, an infection that came from the school's computers. It did not take long for many persons from the class to fall prey to this infection.

Download Smadav 2019 Offline Installer

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What is the name of the infection? These folders had significant work situated inside, so imagine the fury once we found out the folders were unusable. None of them managed to get the job finished. This was when our instructor introduced us into SmadAV, and directly from the block, this tiny thing began to work wonders.

Not only can it be good at killing and trapping some malware that is odd, but it's also beneficial for scanning USB thumb drives. In fact, this might be considered as one of SmadAV's main points. It can be used for offline scans. You first need to see the official site to download SmadAV. Now, the language on the website is Indonesian but worry not, the download link is on the right sidebar so you can not miss it.

SmadAV isn't a core anti-virus software, therefore it shouldn't take long for this to blaze through your documents. For us, it conducted through over 300,000 files pretty quickly, but might be a little slower on older computers.

We also like the fact that not only does Smadav scan for virus and malware, but it checks for poor or corrupt registry documents. Yes, this thing will clean your registry in similar techniques to CCleaner or UPCleaner, pretty awesome, right? We should also say that since this is the free edition, users are required to manually check for upgrade. We would not recommend the Pro version unless you're too lazy to update the virus chest .

Download Smadav 2019 Offline Installer - Features:

Bear in mind that it should not be utilized as a core anti-virus applications, but something that may work together with any antivirus program. Good to have a second opinion anti-malware scanner

This app isn't bad AV software, but it's too late to the party to win users over the dozens of great options around it. It doesn't offer you enough bonuses over the top downloads, either. SmadAV2013 simply won't wow enough folks to compete with avast! , Avira, or another excellent security software that's widely available and easier to use for English audiences.

In addition to scan and actively protecting your pc against viruses, SmadAV2013 can scan your registry for nasty information, but not generic errors like a genuine registry cleaner could. The program's installation process and license agreement seem to be written in Indonesian and you won't get an opportunity to change the language to English until you have completely set up the program. SmadAV2013's layout organizes all its features into easy-to-understand tabs, but it is not very easy on your eyes.

Download Smadav 2019 Offline Installer - Link Installer:

Smadav: Support For Windows
Installer: All OS
File Name: smadav2018rev121.exe

It will not help that there's a big ad for other developers' apps taking up a great deal of room. The program's virus scanning took about 40 minutes to finish, which isn't terribly fast compared to rivals. It makes up for that deficiency of rate by giving you a process manager that's more detailed than Windows and allowing you to lock some of your hard drives.

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