Download SmadAV Anti Virus Terbaru

Download SmadAV Anti Virus Terbaru is an antivirus designed to get the perfect virus search results, and are equipped with the tools to detect a virus that was updated so that it provides a very suitable virus cleanup for USB Flash Disk and also make your computer more secure.

This antivirus has been updated with the latest version and coupled with a complete list of files and also features the errors in detection. This antivirus very popular in Indonesia and has been used worldwide to keep from a virus that removes files from your computer. 

Download SmadAV Anti Virus Terbaru

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With the Smadav help, you in detecting viruses and easily to display the hidden files are caused by viruses, it also offers a perfectly made protection an SmadAV Anti Virus Terbaru is very suitable to use in the computer business since the keep it from flash disk from the virus.

In addition in the year 2018 and 2019, this antivirus has done repair manual and automated to detect viruses. with the latest technology so that you stay safe from the influence of the viruses that it detects your device.

The following improvements to go directly from the official site smadav:

  • Increased capability of detection and cleaning of viruses USB Pendrive, popular
  • File reputation enhancement and the introduction of a safe program list (whitelist),
  • Fixes some error detection,
  • Repairs on the system upload the virus manually and automatically.
Antivirus smadav has been tested with a wide range of the latest virus because antivirus on this one has been doing repairs so that your device will be safe and clean from viruses that spread because the virus will damage the files on your computer and also will be hidden by the virus. In addition, this latest antivirus faster with the latest features.

SmadAV Anti Virus Terbaru Link

File Name: smadav2018rev91.exe
Support: Windows All OS
Release: 2019
Author : Smadav
Official Website:
Freeware : Share By :

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